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Started in California, simplyWORKOUT was created out of curiosity and enthusiasm from the emerging strong awareness of health and fitness.  We’re here to cut through the noise to get to the real good products and trends to help women stay on track with a healthy lifestyle (without involving cardboard-like cookies or sandy health drinks!)  Our site is for any girl who wants to have fun being healthy. We’ve got your back.


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Susan’s fire for fitness got kindled at an early age when she was bitten by the dance bug. She practiced several styles of dance throughout her childhood and eventually began Winter Guard, which she continued throughout high school.

After graduating with a Biology degree from the University of California, Irvine, Susan’s passion for online media took her in an unexpected direction in 2007. She created a popular environmental blog that received TIME Magazine recognition for being one of ’25 Best Blogs of 2009,’ sharing the list with two notable sites: The Huffington Post and Mashable. Wanting to explore other avenues and apply some of the skills she learned by growing a successful blog, she sold the site and turned her focus to the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which blossomed into working with some of California’s top healthcare marketing agencies as a senior strategist.

Between work and starting a family, her active lifestyle fell by the wayside until a friend introduced her to barre, which reignited her passion for dance and working up a sweat. Fueled by a health scare a few years ago that involved a major surgery, Susan became more dedicated than ever to taking care of her body through cleaner eating, exercise, and other lifestyle changes like getting the right amount of sleep and healthy stress management.

Most days, you can find Susan in the studio enjoying an awesome mix of barre, yoga, pilates, indoor cycling and her favorite aspect of the health and fitness culture: Community. Aside from the obvious health benefits, the support and energy she gets from working out in small but passionate groups is what keeps her motivated and excited about her healthful lifestyle.

When she isn’t in the gym working on her fitness, you can usually find her chasing after her two active kids or curling up on the couch with her Bengal cat and Yorkie to watch a good movie.

Guilty Pleasure

Ice Cream. Talenti ice cream, in particular...Though she tries to feed her 'frozen dessert' hunger by eating Acai bowls. She swears by the ones you can get from Nekter Juice Bar!


Her phone. Which is unfortunate, because she loses it All. The. Time. (No, seriously. Ask her kids.) Aside from her phone, Susan always has tweezers, chapstick, eye drops, and a tube of Revitalash.

favorite workout purchase

Can you ever have enough activewear?


Co-Founder & Creative Director

Angie had a very active, outdoor-centric childhood. Whether running or playing b-ball with her two older brothers, she was pretty non-stop. At age 5, she dove feet first into dance, igniting a life-long passion. Angie studied ballet, jazz, lyrical and hip-hop, anything that kept her body moving to the music.

While attending business school at the University of Michigan, Angie became a certified group fitness instructor and balanced teaching hip-hop aerobics with choreographing for and performing in dance groups on campus. Upon graduating, Angie took that same work ethic and drive to her career on Wall Street with Goldman Sachs and Maquarie Bank, where she eventually served as a V.P. in Product Management and Business Development in their Private Equity Groups.

Working long hours in a demanding, high pressure environment made it hard to achieve the perfect yin and yang of work/life balance. Angie used high intensity workouts such as kickboxing and bootcamps as a sanity saver and even managed to find time for dancing with a hip-hop group that performed in NYC and across the East Coast, and taking design classes, further exploring her love of fashion.

In 2008, Angie moved from NYC to San Diego and switched careers to establish an export business, and to focus on starting a family. These days, you can find Angie hanging out at the beach, or at her go-to workouts – barre, zumba or kickboxing class. In fact, Susan and Angie met at Studio Barre, two self-professed “barre junkies” who ended up standing next to each other in class one day.

Guilty Pleasure

BACON. (All caps, ya'll.)


Rosebud salve and a tube of CO Bigelow Lip Shine (all about the double duty lip balms), iPhone, hand sanitizer (she’s a major germaphobe), and water.

favorite workout purchase

All about these White Camo - Strut This leggings right now!