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A Defense for Yoga Challenges

by Nicole Rae Grannie @ohhh_nicoleee If you’re anything like me, the home page of your Instagram app is plastered with accounts for yoga, barre, fitness, healthy eating, etc. And, if you’re anything like me, you love to take on several challenges every month—whether I’m doing crunches during commercial breaks or capturing a different yoga pose […]


Q&A with Virginia Fretto, Founder of Razimus Jewelry

How do you stack? Stacking bracelets are having a major fashion moment. We love the look of having an arm full of bracelets of different colors, fabrics and finishes. It’s an easy way to step up a casual look or to add some color and pumped-up style to a classic evening look. When we first […]


Q&A with E & J Barre Boutique

Susan and I have been self-proclaimed “barre junkies” for a long time now. After all, we did become fast friends after standing next to each other at our favorite barre studio one day. With over 1000 combined classes under our belts (but who’s counting?), we are certifiable barre flies, barre belles, or yes, barre addicts. […]