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Q&A with Owner of Pure Barre Zona Rosa, Michelle Keraus

Boutique fitness studios are oftentimes our havens, our second homes, our happy places.  Especially during unprecedented times like these, when we are unable to head to the barre, mat or bike, we recognize the importance of our fitness communities and studio cultures so painstakingly created by our favorite instructors and owners.   Here is an interview […]


Chat with Karen Ellis – Chief Pilates Nerd

“A Pilates Nerd is a highly intelligent individual, does Pilates, gets really excited to learn, and is fascinated with most everything related to Pilates.” If you find yourself nodding to that definition, you just might qualify for the label.  We recently had the opportunity to chat with Karen Elias – the founder and Chief Pilates […]



The Benefits of Taking Barre and Pilates

When it comes to getting fit, there are so many choices.  Where is someone to begin?  It’s no surprise that many people pair a high-intensity workout with a low-impact class to cover all their bases….but what are the benefits of doing 2 low-impact exercises?  Low-impact classes in particular – pilates and barre – can improve […]