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Q & A with Linda Oji – Founder of GrippySox

  Who needs more basic black grip socks? <silence> We have loved seeing the evolution of grip socks over the years.¬† When studios first required socks with traction grips, solid black and gray were the standard. Now fast forward ten years, and we can’t keep up with the styles, colors, and prints now at our […]


Q&A with Anjni Singh, Founder of Kali Active

Being a gal who has always loved a good kickboxing workout, I was taken aback by the lack of options available for fighter girls. Confectionary handwraps and cotton candy pink boxing gloves hardly made a girl feel badass in a male-dominated boxing gym. ¬†Although I appreciate the big boxing gear companies trying to appeal to […]


Q&A with Virginia Fretto, Founder of Razimus Jewelry

How do you stack? Stacking bracelets are having a major fashion moment. We love the look of having an arm full of bracelets of different colors, fabrics and finishes. It’s an easy way to step up a casual look or to add some color and pumped-up style to a classic evening look. When we first […]