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Who needs more basic black grip socks? <silence>

We have loved seeing the evolution of grip socks over the years.  When studios first required socks with traction grips, solid black and gray were the standard. Now fast forward ten years, and we can’t keep up with the styles, colors, and prints now at our fingertips.  We view socks as not only a functional must-have for pilates, barre and yoga, but as an accessory and fashion statement to accent our favorite workout(fits).

GrippySox is a grip sock line that features adorable prints that will be sure to make you smile as you’re holding plank and tucking in class.   Linda Oji – the founder and designer – of the line took the time to share her story on how the Brand came to be.

What led you to starting GrippySox?

I veer toward “classic” activewear (i.e. black leggings and solid-color sports bras/tanks) rather than loud prints or super bright colors. I like simple, cute, feminine and fun designs and had a hard time finding grip socks on the market that were…”me.” Sometimes I’d run out of clean grip socks and would wear my (*gasp*) regular, cute socks to barre. I’d always get compliments on them, immediately followed by the question, “do they have grips?” the answer was always “no” and that’s when i came up with the idea of starting Grippysox!

As far as background, I’m a graphic designer and have designed and worked for Sanrio (Hello Kitty) and Disney, so you could say I’m very well-versed in all things “cute.” I worked in multiple departments and had textiles/product development/apparel graphics experience that helped tremendously. Every single thing that is Grippysox (from socks to the packaging) has been designed by yours truly.

How do you find inspo for your adorable grip designs?

I find inspiration for what I would personally like to see on the market and what i think is cute.

One thing that makes our socks totally unique is that we are the ONLY grip socks on the market that have an EXTRA layer of cushion on the bottom footbed. I did this so there is more comfort and cushioning when you are on the balls of your feet. I’ve also been told by clients it helps with bunions as well. We’re also the only grip socks with cute animal ear details (for our animal socks line), and our designs are pretty darn cute. 🙂

Any tips on extending the life on grip socks?

Wear your grip socks only when you are practicing! (Wearing them around town with your shoes or around the house will wear out the grips faster.) Also, wash them inside out using a delicates bag! And if drying in the dryer, keep them in the delicates bag or air dry them. I personally dry them in the dryer, and if they are still a bit damp, then air dry them.

Barre Contest

How long are you supposed to be able to wear them for before getting new ones?

Grip socks should last quite a while, but you can never have enough. So i say go ahead and get new ones whenever you want, YOLO! 😉

Congrats on recently becoming a barre instructor! What are your favorite moves to teach and why?

Thank you so much, it’s been quite an experience! Fav moves would be leg lifts. They are so challenging and your thighs start firing up after 2 seconds (and quite honestly, it’s one of the few moves where i can lift my leg pretty high…so my form is on point. hahaha). I also have a love/hate for chair positions, as well as fold-overs…and table top…and… I could go on!


Which of your GrippySox styles are your best sellers?

Bestsellers would have to be our mustache, dog, and coffee styles!



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