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Susan Suarez

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Susan Suarez

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At one time or another, we’ve come across a meme regarding social media and the amount of time that we spend on various platforms.  Who hasn’t fallen into the scrolling vortex on Instagram?  Recently there’s been a lot of media discussion regarding the impact this medium has on our everyday lives and mindset.  However, where do we draw the line?  We talked with a few special women to discuss how they conquer their usage and “Instagram anxiety”.  (Thank you, ladies, for sharing!)

How do you deal with Instagram anxiety and how do you get past it?

@exercisewithextrafries – “It’s important to take breaks and have social media detoxes. We’ll usually do this on weekends or when we’re traveling. We try to be present and not always be on our phones or Instagram when we’re out with friends or family. We also always remind ourselves that Instagram and social media is just a glimpse into someone’s lives and usually a highlight reel. It doesn’t represent everything they’re going through and not everything is “picture perfect”.”

@Miss_Natasha_Jade – “I limit the amount of time I spend on the app. My phone notifies me once I hit 2 hours of collected social media time. This has helped me limit the scrolling & comparisons.”

@gracefitstudio – “I eventually told myself that there were hopefully more that find my posts helpful than those who want to criticize. In the end, there will always be the critics. Also, I am at the age now that I am too tired to care. LOL.”

Did you change any of your day-to-day habits to minimize how social media impacts your mood?

@exercisewithextrafries – “The new Screen Time function on the iPhone has been very useful. We knew we spend a lot of time on Instagram, but it was really eye-opening to see how much time we actually spent. Now we actively try to lower the amount of time we spend on Instagram.”

@Miss_Natasha_Jade – “It can impact your mood pretty easily if you let it. Unfortunately, I had to unfollow a few people because I found myself feeling sad or left out from their posts. It was a toxic situation that I was enabling. After I unfollowed them I no longer felt the daily anxiousness before watching their stories… & I recommend this for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”

@gracefitstudio – “Social media doesn’t really have an impact on my mood in the sense of happiness if that is what you mean. I get inspired seeing other movement practitioners that inspire me. Having been a professional dancer, I have been surrounded my whole life by those with better bodies, more flexibility etc…I don’t look at those things anymore. I want to see how you move and that is what inspires me!”

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What inspires you to keep posting? And how do you remain authentic?
@exercisewithextrafries – “Each other! We started this account to have fun and post about things we enjoy like working out. We always try to remember that! Last year, when we were both going through some hardships in our personal lives, we were constantly fighting about our account. We had to remember that our relationship is more important and almost shut our account down.”

@Miss_Natasha_Jade – “Thankfully I have met a circle of like-minded, crazy talented, and amazing people on Instagram who keep me inspired from their posts. I try not to force anything. If I’m not inspired I won’t post. I only want to give my audience my authentic self and if it is forced, only to get more content out, it is no longer authentic.”

@gracefitstudio – “Movement inspires me and when I see something on social media that excites me, I am eager to get up and explore. I then post it in hopes that I can provide that inspiration in the same way to another. Remaining authentic is a bit easy for me. I can’t be something that I am not. Although, I can see how one can get caught up in what gets the likes. I have posted things in the past that gained me many likes and followers, but it was something that I wasn’t excited about and almost didn’t post. In the end, I didn’t do more of those posts just because I saw that was what got the attention of others. I have to be myself. Movement has to come from an authentic place. Could be the artist in me. If you like it, great! If it’s not your thing, then there are many other accounts to follow – the beauty of social media I guess.”

What’s your advice to others who are dealing with self-doubt when they’re on Instagram?

@exercisewithextrafries – “It’s so easy to portray a “picture perfect” life. But we all have something we’re going through. Unfollow or mute any accounts that are bringing you down. Spend time doing things that bring you joy instead.”

@Miss_Natasha_Jade – “Unfollow those who make you feel poorly. Follow those who empower. Sometimes it’s most important to give Instagram a break. Unplug!”

@gracefitstudio – “Focus on those who you inspire/ could potentially inspire and those who genuinely enjoy what you are putting out there. Stay true to yourself and what you want to put out there. If you feel uncomfortable about something, just don’t post it. You have to feel good with what you put out there. In the summer, many post their beach workouts in swimwear or at beautiful outdoor locations in public spaces. While I find them really beautiful, it’s just not me so I don’t do it. Stay true to who you are and what you are comfortable with and that should make it a bit easier for you.”


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