Q&A with BBG Girl, @kal_fitlife

Ex-College B-Baller, Kallie began her Bikini Body Guide (“BBG”) transformation over a year ago.  Documenting her workouts, healthy meals and remarkable progress throughout the last 70 weeks on Instagram (@kal_fitlife), Kallie has become a true inspiration in the BBG community – even successfully hosting her first BBG meet up earlier this month.  Kallie now has a following of over 80k strong who look forward to her positive and candid posts for accountability in their own workout commitments.  Read on to find out more  on Kallie’s fitness lifestyle as she shares her story with simplyWORKOUT.

[BBG is a popular fitness and lifestyle guide created by trainer Kayla Itsines centered around a week-by-week food and workout plan proven to get incredible results (the testimonials and photos don’t lie)].

What is it about BBG that makes it different from other workout regiments?

I decided to start BBG because of all the incredible transformations I saw that I think would convince anyone who wanted to change their body to start the program! I also searched Kayla and saw her history with basketball and I thought, “this girl is awesome, I have to check this out!” As an athlete I have always liked to have a plan that was “given” to me rather than make up one on my own; and that is why I love BBG because it’s clearly laid out what you need to do, and you just have to follow it to make it work. I love that it is so manageable with a busy schedule: with 28 minute workouts and a well laid out plan it was a no brainer to me. I love that the guides BBG and her food and nutrition help guide are easy to understand and they don’t make having a healthy lifestyle seem “too hard” or impossible. It was one of the best decisions I made – I have learned so much about, health, fitness and myself throughout this and it is a program that I know is manageable for a lifestyle of fitness not just a one and done thing.


As an ex MD B-Baller, it seems safe to assume that you’ve always been in great shape. What have been your biggest hurdles in your fitness journey thus far?

Through sports I have definitely always been in “good shape” and I was used to basketball giving me everything I needed to have my body be where it needed to be. After that I realized I had to work on my own and put in the time myself, with no team or coach telling me what to and what to work on. I would have to say I have had 2 challenges on this journey that stick out most to me. One being: changing up my eating and drinking habits a good deal and not eating crap or too much food. It was tough at first to really change that and tell myself I liked the bland food but over time I have learned so much and truly enjoy eating healthy and I have become a much better cook and found ways to make healthy food that taste good and make you feel good! The second challenge being: making the change, committing to it and being confident about it. I would see other people’s progress and want it to be mine, but that is not realistic at all. I had to come to grips with the fact that I ‘let myself go’ a little bit and commit to the hard work and time and be proud and confident in MY results!

Black is the New Black


There is a general conception that lifting weights = bulking up, so a lot of women still are afraid to lift. As a Body Pump enthusiast what are your thoughts on that?

There are so many amazing internet memes about this haha!! Lifting weights does not make women turn into the incredible hulk. It all depends on the type of weight lifting you are doing. I love using weights in BBG and going to BodyPump which is strictly a weight lifting class. It is focused around high rep low weight so it helps me get toned but not “bulky”. If a girl wants to lift weights but is afraid to get “big” they need to think about the WAY they lift weights. I have plenty of friends that are girls that are power athletes and lift heavy and they are not big and bulky, they are just strong!!

We love all of your colorful and vibrant pics you post on instagram. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done to get your great photos?

HAHA wow, I think we all do some ridiculous things to get some good shots for Instagram, nothing I ever would have even thought of before I had my fitness page. I would just say a few embarrassing/ridiculous things I have done to get a good picture for instagram would be: going over to someone else’s table at lunch because I liked the design of their table more and told them it was for instagram (so embarrassing but worth it haha) getting in super awkward positions to take a food pic that has the right lighting and staging the scene right. I also took my tripod to my grandfathers farm one time trying to get a photo against some new back drops and feared he would come see me in my sports bra posing — turns out my uncle found me instead and he said he thought my dog ran away and I’m just standing there like “nope, just taking some photos” Needless to say – I grabbed my stuff and left right away!!


You have a great sense of style! What are 3 workout accessories or brands that you could not live without right now?

  1. Polar a360
  2. Adidas Ultra Boosts
  3. Alala’s amazing pieces, from sports bras, to leggings, to tops/jackets
    Obsessed with and love them all! Anything all 3 companies produce are incredible!



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