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Niyama Sol is a sustainable athletic brand created by friends, Allison Hart and Cristina Osorio. Their inspiration has been summed up by the Dr. Seuss quote “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” You can definitely see this reflected in their colorful patterns and eclectic style options. 

With their commitment to using recycled materials, their focuses are the environment and celebrating women. Their creative pieces stem from the earth around them and making clothes for all occasions. The idea of using clothes to express oneself is also a central belief of Niyama Sol. 

Their creative styles range from swimwear and collaborations with JLO! Here are some of our favorite Niyama Sol styles: 

Ombre Santa Fe High-Waisted Legging – $88.00

This fun ombre pant is a great way to add a pop of color to the workout clothes! The high waisted sunset gradient is perfect for a multitude of activities. 


Mother of Dragons Barefoot Legging – $92.00

Their name says it all, these scale print leggings are the fiercest on the block. The jeweled, iridescent colors definitely stand out and make for a unique workout outfit!


Victoria ⅞ Crop Legging – $84.00

Niyama Sol’s earthly influences shine through in these cropped options. The floral and feather designs are tasteful and serve as a reminder of the eco-friendly materials used to create the leggings!

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