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Wanting to get out of the house has never been more of a universal feeling than it is during this time. As more and more gyms, studios, and activities start to open back up it is important to not slack on safety and cleanliness.  

The hesitation to open gyms or going to work out in public is very understandable. So long as people adhere to safety guidelines, they will likely be able to stay open. It’s an interesting time as the responsibility falls on every individual in order for everyone to enjoy activities again. Here are just some things to remember and take note of when going to workout: 


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At Gyms/Studios

  • It’s important, and easiest, to follow the guidelines your place of fitness has set up.
  • Masks on if required.
  • Touch only what you need to.
  • Sanitize your area and the equipment you may have used, before and after use.


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Personal Precautions

  • Always carry sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizers with you or keep them in your car.
  • Keep an extra mask in your car, purse, or gym bag.
  • Consider online training (if offered) when possible, to avoid large, uncontrolled gatherings.

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