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Kelli was born and raised in Northwest Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Human Development and Family Science. She is currently a full time 2nd grade teacher and lives on the beautiful island of Oahu. Kelli is a military spouse and married to a very handsome Navy pilot. Her passions include teaching, fitness, and fashion. She loves to mix fashion and fitness and that is how she found and fell in love with SimplyWORKOUT. Whether she is on a long run or in the studio taking a barre class, she loves to rock fun and fashionable workout gear. If she could wear workout clothes all day everyday she WOULD! Kelli is committed to living a healthy lifestyle by eating a well balanced diet and always changing up her workout routines. She stays fit by running, swimming, hiking, barre, yoga sculpt, and lifting weights. Her favorite motto is “You are what you eat. So don’t be FAST,CHEAP, EASY, or Fake!”




Sheraleigh Sapphire (yup that’s her real name- check her birth certificate ha ha) lives in a pretty little village in Surrey, England. If you’ve ever seen the Cameron Diaz & Kate Winslet movie ‘The Holiday’, she lives a few villages on from there and absolutely loves it. She finds country life to bee amazing and after living in the buzz of London for almost 20 years she can honestly say life in the country is just as spectacular and equally exciting on the health & fitness front as it is in the city.

She shops at a local farm shop where they sell fresh organic produce and hikes her way through the hills into town for less organic supplies like workout gear.

Sheraleigh has a background in fitness as a fitness instructor before becoming an international flight attendant.  She now combines her love of fitness with globe trotting and can be found anywhere from a barre class in London to a hike in the Hollywood Hills to yoga in India!

She’s a mummy to a darling and hilariously funny and freakishly clever little girl, 2 year old Betsie~Bea, who is the added driving force behind the love of all things fit and healthy.

Keeping fit and healthy shouldn’t be about looks or attracting a partner (of course these are welcome perks) but it’s about feeling ballsy and confident enough to face any challenges you may come up against with an unshakable confidence and determination.

A certain singer was right when she sang “who runs the world… GIRLS.



Danielle is a loving mom, friend and fitness trainer. She is certified with NASM as a Personal Trainer & Performance Enhancement Specialist, and has an education in Holistic Nutrition. She has competed in fitness since 2004 in different federations & has taken a first place finish several times! She found that there is more to wellness then just diet & exercise. It starts within. Inside your heart and inside your mind.  Her goal is to always help an individual feel the power of accomplishment by living a balanced & healthy lifestyle.





Tizzy has always been an athlete. Growing up she played soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, tennis and lacrosse, in a addition to snowboarding, swimming, doing gymnastics, and figure skating. Growing up in New Hampshire, winter sports were a very big deal. In high school her team won the New Hampshire state ice hockey championship all three years she was on the team. She also had great success in field hockey, making it to the state championship game three times. After a serious shoulder injury her freshman year of college, she had to stop playing field hockey and needed to reassess how she could continue to be an athlete without causing harm to her body. After a couple of years of shoulder surgery, physical therapy, and a lot of hours on the elliptical, she found her answer in spin, Body Pump, running, and barre.

After graduating from George Washington University with a degree in American studies, she doubled down her efforts to get into great shape. While working on her Master’s degree, she’s found time to go to spin and barre classes almost daily, and just ran her first half-marathon! Juggling school, internships, and jobs, it is often hard to find time to work out. She’s found that she has to make the conscious decision to wake up at dawn if she wants to fit all of her daily obligations in, but it is worth it to feel good about herself physically and intellectually! After finishing her degree she is hoping to find legislative work at an advocacy organization in DC, but until then she can be found daily running between the library and the barre.



Dara is a wife, and mother of two little girls: Andja 3 1/2 and Anika 8 weeks. She works full-time in IT sales for an amazing company, where she gets to travel and interact with some of the smartest and most interesting individuals. She’s a busy body who can’t sit still. She pushes herself super hard at all endeavors, especially at her own career and staying fit. She is a firm believer that being a competitive athlete has made her a better business woman.  My M.O. is to do it, and to do it well. She’s a super mom, a career woman, a fitness addict, and a fun connoisseur, who is just trying to give it all she’s got…and inspire one or two along the way.






Lacey’s journey started in 2009 as a fitness instructor in her hometown of ​Denison, Texas. Having taught a variety of group fitness classes with multiple certifications including Pilates and Zumba, she found her true calling was yoga. After teaching for several years , Lacey decided it was time to take her training to the next level. She completed her 200-hour teacher training from North Texas Yoga and is pursuing her 500-hour RYT certification. Aside from yoga, Lacey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Texas Christian University. During her free time she enjoys, reading, attending concerts and spending time with her husband, son, daughter and puppy.







Kerry is the mom of twin boys and wife to an amazing man who serves in the U.S. Coast Guard. She is a school counselor and absolutely loves her job. Being active is a huge part of who she is: hot yoga, Pilates, spin, Zumba, and weight lifting are some of her favorite ‘after school activities’. She is licensed to teach Zumba and PiYo classes and coaches Team Beach Body. She’d like to one day make fitness her full time career. It’s empowering and inspiring to watch others transform physically and mentally into their best selves. Her personal motto is: What you do today will improve your tomorrows!





Sheridan Hainline has worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, fitness and stretch instructor for over a decade with a background in ballet, yoga and pilates. Her fitness journey has made her realize the importance of the mind body connection, going beyond the physical component and taking into account total wellness. She believes we need to listen to our bodies and have a balance in both resistance and flexibility training so we remain mobile, agile and pain free for the long haul, as well as, gain more from our workouts. Sheridan has benefited greatly from making health and wellness a lifestyle and loves encouraging others along the path of healthy habits, fitness, flexibility and wellbeing!




Inez resides in San Antonio, TX. She graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word and works as an elementary Special Education Teacher. When she’s not working on lesson plans, creating YouTube videos (Beauty Life By Inez) or posting on her blog, you will find her doing Blogilates, yoga or running. Her hobbies include spending time with her husband and family, reading, cooking, dancing and traveling.






Christine Moyer

Christine is a California native and beach loving girl. She’s someone who loves to laugh, often at herself. Her days are busy writing fitness and lifestyle articles, teaching barre classes, volunteering at her daughters school, and getting involved in different charities. She enjoys traveling, cooking, party planning, dancing, and exploring the outdoors.

Before becoming a fitness professional, Christine was a professional ballet/modern dancer. This is where her love of movement and expression began. Now a Certified Personal Trainer for over 11 years, Pilates Instructor and Holistic Lifestyle Coach for over 8 years, she is passionate about helping others.

Her goal is to help others connect with their own bodies, love the skin they’re in, understand how environmental factors affect each and every one of us, and to learn what works and what doesn’t. She wants to empower through good health and fitness with a sense of style.


Christina Zarnowski

Christina is a Midwestern wife to her amazing husband Chris and together they raise their to crazy kids Avianah (6) and Crew (2).

When she’s not enjoying time with her family you can find her at her home away from home Barre Co Bay View. Christina started as just an instructor with Barre Co. but soon took on the role of manager, trainer, and creative director coming up with their newest moves and classes.

Christina is currently certified in Barre and Group fitness but looks forward to adding more certifications annually.

Motto: “I’ve learned it’s never too late to reinvent yourself, and I’ve invented something I love”