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Hair Care… It’s Personal

A few months ago I started getting inundated with ads on Facebook and Instagram for personalized hair care. Not only was I getting Facebook ads, but all of the blogs I follow started having sponsored content and articles, then a few of my friends said they had all done it. Function of Beauty was everywhere. […]


Must Have Beauty Buys

This week I had the pleasure of taking a friend who literally never wears makeup shopping at Sephora for the first time. Not wanting to overwhelm and just intending to teach her the basics, I helped her buy the four items I can’t live without. I tend to try different makeup brands, different styles, and […]


Self Care

A few years before I ever heard the term self care, I decided that it was worth it to me to spend a few extra dollars each month on treating myself. It started with the decision to get regular manicures then, a few groups later, I added eyebrow threading and semi-regular massages to the rotation. […]