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Q&A with Barre Girl Founder, Mary Bier

It’s all about the details, baby. That’s why we love the new barre sock line by Barre Girl. Adorable, ballet-inspired grip socks with criss cross straps, and demure ruffles will help you channel your best inner dancer.  We had the chance to chat with Barre Girl Founder and CEO, Mary Bier, to get the latest scoop […]


Winner of the Mother’s Day Giveaway!

The winner of our Mother’s Day Giveaway came from an instagram submission!  Thank you all that entered! Some special submissions also included stories sent via email.  We won’t share the full stories, but here are a few clips of a handful: One entry: I have been doing barre about 9 mos. I went from being […]


A Weighty Issue

You’d be forgiven if the mere thought of lifting weights conjures up disturbing images of biceps fit to burst and veins in places you never knew even existed but here’s the scoop ladies… Lifting will turn you into a lithe, lean, fat burning machine without a bulging bicep insight! I’m sure you’ve all seen the […]