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model wearing floral print matching activewear set

Activewear Trends for Spring & Summer

Warmer temps are finally here, and we are ready to step out in style! Check out what looks are trending for Spring and Summer. Cropped Tanks. With the 90’s come full circle, midriff baring tops are back in style. Wear them with leggings or low-rise jeans for a confident, casual look. We are loving this […]


Barre on Demand

Homecoming: A Return to Boutique Studios

In early March of last year, I started to feel anxious with the impending doom of the pandemic.  With each click of a headline, I felt it inching closer and closer to reality – and was consumed with uncertainty, fear, and disbelief.    Of course, as with the rest of the world, I hoped and […]


Indoor bycicle cycling in gym

The Benefits of Indoor Cycling

    Cycling has been a popular aerobic exercise for a long time.  Cycling – both indoor and outdoor – is accessible for people at all levels of fitness. The lack of direct contact with pavement doesn’t put as much stress on the joints, but still works the cardiovascular system, making it a great workout option.  […]