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The Benefits of Indoor Cycling

    Cycling has been a popular aerobic exercise for a long time.  Cycling – both indoor and outdoor – is accessible for people at all levels of fitness. The lack of direct contact with pavement doesn’t put as much stress on the joints, but still works the cardiovascular system, making it a great workout option.  […]


Getting Back Into the Workout Grind!

Wanting to get out of the house has never been more of a universal feeling than it is during this time. As more and more gyms, studios, and activities start to open back up it is important to not slack on safety and cleanliness.   The hesitation to open gyms or going to work out in […]


At Home Workouts To Get You Up and Moving

In a workout rut since quarantine? If your pre-covid workouts were more consistent than they are now, there are many resources you can use to get back into the groove!  A 30 min walk or run outside is a good start to move your body every day, but if hitting the pavement isn’t your cup […]