The Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Indoor bycicle cycling in gym
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Cycling has been a popular aerobic exercise for a long time.  Cycling – both indoor and outdoor – is accessible for people at all levels of fitness. The lack of direct contact with pavement doesn’t put as much stress on the joints, but still works the cardiovascular system, making it a great workout option. 

In recent years, indoor cycling or, “spin,” has gained cult popularity.  Soul Cycle first achieved celebrity-fueled notoriety around 2012, and then classes at regular gyms & fitness centers started to spike in attendance. Since then more “cycle houses” have opened up in major cities all over!  Classes are offered at gyms, boutique fitness studios, or now especially in pandemic times, in your own home, a la Peloton.  

So… let’s highlight the benefits!

  • There are a lot of dynamics in cycling in general, but indoor cycling classes offer a fun environment making the workout experience a pack-community experience. Think dark rooms, loud music, and fun choreography.
  • Build muscle & scorch calories while building endurance
  • Accessible all year long 
  • Membership offerings allow class times to best fit into your schedule
  • Home accessibility & time flexibility through an investment in:
    • Peloton
    • Schwinn
    • NordicTrack
  • Various price points depending on what you’re looking for:
    • Big Box gyms – classes available with general membership
    • High-Scale/Boutique Fitness Centers
      • Soul Cycle, Cycle Bar, Rush Cycle

Find some classes to try near you:

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