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I couldn’t run a block. My husband and I “tried” running once in our early 20’s and I literally thought I was going to die a half of a block in. I gave up on the next exhausted breath and turned to walk back home thinking about how I had literally spent more time getting ready then I did on this “excercise” attempt. Fast forward years later, after our 2nd child was born and with a tropical vacation looming I decided to try this “fitness” thing again. I asked around to a handful of fit friends and “running”seemed to be the consensus, I mentally prepared a little for failure again but also did some research and found some life changing tips and motivation that not only helped me get into and stick with running but trained me to get better each time.

So one of my friends told me about a app I could get to train me.  Have you ever heard of running trainer apps? These apps not only make sure you have adequate warm up and cool downs but also start you out in the perfect training sequences of run/walks. Slowly progressing you into more running and less walking.  These apps will make sure not to overtrain and it eases you into running so gently that before you know it (usually 8 weeks) your running a 5k.

Now once you’ve started you have to keep yourself going.  For me, keeping my goals and reasons “why” in the forefront helped me stay motivated the most.  I was doing this for myself, to feel more confident and I wanted to get healthy for my family.  I was also learning quickly how great it was for my sense of well-being. Runners high is a real thing and its amazing!!

When I hit the trail and start to get in my zone my biggest motivation is my music.  I haven’t ever run naked (without music or other gear) but I can see that being great after a day of chaos so it is something I could try soon. When I run I use Pandora and can listen to anything from gangsta rap to 80’s hair metal. Really depends on my mood that day but when you find the right music its amazing how great a run can feel and how sometimes you feel like you could run forever.

Another motivating factor and a must would be to BUY THE SHOES …..AND THE OUTFIT. Investing in your new past time is a great motivating start.  I’m not saying you need to spend $100’s on workout gear but the right shoes are insanely important and having an outfit that is more fitted than an old t’s and sweats can be more helpful than you may realize. I have found great affordable and durable gear at Old Navy, TJ Maxx, and Target. The more you get into running you could also start “rewarding” yourself with new gear as you progress.

FUNKtional Wearables - Q&A with Founder, Cyndi Blais

One last bonus point I think of for motivation is that running literally torches calories so its the best way to feel back on track after a night of binging.  Running, for me was also always the quickest way to burn a lot of calories. On average my 30 min runs burn 500 calories.

So now that your convinced here are a few more things to remember. As a runner, (yes I’m talking to you) you always want to hydrate before your run and make sure to get in a snack.  Pre run I usually grab an apple and peanut butter or a fruit smoothie. After the run your sweat should remind you to rehydrate and continue to do so the rest of the day. I would forget this step and spent nights with horrible dehydration headaches, please learn from my mistake!! You will also want to make sure to refuel with some protein and carbs within an hour of your run. Protein bars and shakes are great but so is chocolate milk or some greek yogurt.

Now my last tip before you start searching for a running trainer app would be to STRETCH! Don’t do it before your run but definintly don’t forget to do it after! You want to make sure to warm up those muscles before doing any stretching. You can find great stretching sequenses on Pinterest to try after your run.

So hydrate, lace up, set a playlist and hit the trail.

XO Christina

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  1. Lorena says:

    Great article!

    1. Christina says:

      Thanks for the love Nena!!


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