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Slippery forearms have you struggling in plank? Have a hard time gripping the barre when sitting in chair or waterski? These two gals have been thinking about you.

Brooke & Cheryl, the beautiful and smart developers of the hand-grip / fitness sleeve brand, STIK Your Pose, created gear to help us STICK our forms in class whether it be at the barre, pilates or a cycling class. No more sliding around because we’re working up a sweat. See what these gals are up to and how they came up with their idea.

1. STIK Your Pose. Such a novel idea. I’ve always thought the stickier the sock, the easier it is to hold plank. When did you know this was a must for many?

Brooke and I met in a pre-natal yoga class when we were pregnant with our first kids (who just turned 12, by the way! Eeeks!). We instantly bonded over a shared love of fitness. About 6 years ago, we started taking barre classes together. During certain parts of the class, we found that we were using the strap to keep our hands from slipping off the barre. When our local studio introduced a high intensity, heated interval class with the barre, it just became more apparent that we needed some “grippy socks” for our hands to maintain certain poses on the barre and on the mat. After a number of other “sweaty” classes, (Hot Pilates, Heated Yoga, Cycle) Brooke even tried cutting a hole in a sock (that didn’t work well).

Finally, after many months of searching for something to buy to solve our mutual problem, we decided to make a grippy sleeve that would also translate well to the mat (i.e. easy to pull up on the elbows and forearms for side planks, and equally easy to scrunch down). We reached out to a ton of different people–studio owners, instructors, fellow students. They all thought it was a great idea. A few prototypes later…and here we are! Stik Your Pose became a reality!

2. How often do you go to barre and what are your favorite positions, especially since you created Stikyourpose?

Brooke is pretty religious about going to barre at least three or four times a week. Me (Cheryl), I am at least twice a week, but I feel the need to pump it back up. I have really got into Cycle classes lately, but my strength training needs to be amped up.

Brooke’s favorite position is definitely seated pretzel. She has this crazy hip flexor flexibility and can just get into the pose super deep. I have a hard time with that due to my very tight hip flexors (stupid genetics).

Meet Me at the Barre

My favorite position …waterski. It’s also my least favorite because it is the hardest thing ever for me. The shake is always there! Stik Your Pose really works well in this position, giving me a good grip on the barre so I can focus on getting deeper into my thigh work.


3. What has been your response from barre girls, Orange Theory clients and cycle classes?

So far, the majority of the feedback has been really positive! Some people, in cycle especially, say they can’t do a class without Stik Your Pose because they are so used to them now and love how they don’t slip on the handlebars when they are wearing the sleeves. In barre, it’s been really interesting watching other people use them and like them for different reasons. I know a few people that do planks and push-ups on their knuckles because of wrist issues. They love the extra padding and support Stik Your Pose gives them in those positions. Round back on the floor, with the elbows grounded….the sleeves pulled up really make a difference and cushion the elbow so we can focus on the ab contractions.

Orange Theory was a new discovery for me. I started going to the classes once or twice a week a few months ago. My hands were getting ripped up from the rower and the weights. Big calluses. I tried Stik Your Pose…and wow. What a difference. Plus, they are super easy to scrunch up and use as wrist bands (to wipe up the sweat) during the treadmill session. The second or third time I used them, a few other clients on the class looked over at me and said “what are those and where can I get them??”

4. Will these gloves make final ten less painful? 😉

Ha, we wish! I don’t think anything will make the final 10 less painful. It never gets any easier! Which is a good thing, right?

Special thank you to Brooke & Cheryl the Founders of STIK Your Pose.



3 thoughts on “STIK Your Pose – Need We Say More?”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Wow, this is so cool. Thanks much Susan for the kind words!! So appreciative! Cheers!!

  2. Betty says:

    I want those! Can I buy here?


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