What Does Being HEALTHY Mean?

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Barre girl at heart.Susan loves the strong movement of health & fitness and the creative beauty displayed simultaneously in fashion, lifestyle and wellness products.She is an accomplished blogger and online media guru.
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At times in my life, I’ve found it hard to define what HEALTHY means. Is it a certain body weight? How I feel in my clothes? A specific size? Eating lots of salads? Giving up carbs? Reaching a BMI range? Or pushing through the latest cleanse? It took me a long time to learn that how I looked on the outside did not equal being healthy.

Fast forward to now.

Over the past five years I’ve seen some really awesome things happen. Fashion inspiring women to work out. Organic companies revising their looks to be more modern and appealing. And boutique fitness studios growing at fast rates with women eager to fit in a work out with their new gym friends. Add in an important channel like social media and things like fashion, food and education spread like wildfire allowing improved competition in health niches typically muscled by large companies. You, the consumer, are now even more powerful in your quest for true health by shouting what you want with your purchases. And it’s being heard.

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I think the women of today are in a very special position. We’ve come to a pivotal point in health to either turn the health and fitness scene into the latest bubble that Wall Street investors will talk about, or we help make it stay and grow. But for it to stay, an important element is needed for sustainability – it’s a honest, true movement of health where healthy > skinny. And I think we’re truly at that point right now.

I’m hearing more women care about how strong they’re becoming. How they’re able to last through plank, not stop during a thigh series in barre, survive a TRX class, be front row at SoulCycle, do crossfit, enthusiastically weight lift or run full marathons. This type of activity can’t be sustained by eating poorly, so a lot of women are looking for healthy ways to feed their body to be STRONG. TO BE FIT. TO BE HEALTHY. This is GOOD.

It took me a long time to realize being healthy meant loving my body. Taking care of myself. Nourishing and not punishing. To feel good, both inside and out. It was not fitting into a certain size of skinny jeans, but being a stronger version of me – mentally and physically. So, it seems quite appropriate to see how a convergence of inspiring fashion + supportive fitness groups + healthy eats + natural products has become THE health movement. We want to be strong beings – mind, body and soul. And we’re experiencing a period of self expression, support, knowledge and thoughtfulness on how we live quality lives.

Getting Back Into the Workout Grind!

This is why simplyWORKOUT was created. To have girls like us feel empowered with choices, information and quality. So that adopting a healthy lifestyle was easier. That it wouldn’t be hard to switch or discover good products and in turn, our choices would inspire a positive rippling change within our personal community. That’s how change is made. That’s how we choose our future. By participating as role models for the girls in our life and be eachother’s cheerleader in adapting a fit lifestyle that treats the body with love.

So what does being healthy mean to me?
It means FEELING healthy, strong, clearminded, and happy. To #beFITandFIERCE. I’m glad we’re here.


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