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Two weeks ago today I was at the gym with my new trainer (more on that later) and after crushing a working that was meant to take 55 minutes in just 45, he decided to introduce me to box jumps for the first time. I want to be clear: I stuck the landing; however, after landing with two feet in the middle of the box, the box slid forward, forcing me backward, and breaking my wrist, hand, and tailbone upon landing. So that’s cool.

Luckily, my best friend happened to be visiting. We were going to spend the weekend taking advantage of the amazing spa and guest deal at my new gym (more on that later), going to a DC FitBit free workout event (we obviously never made it to that) and going to a wellness retreat (more on that later). Instead, we rushed to the ER and I spent most of the weekend totally zonked on Oxy while we ate Indian take out and watched New Girl.

Breaking my wrist and hand has been a pain. First of all, holy hell the pain! Did you know breaking a bone hurt?? Because I certainly did not. I knew right away it was broken but it wan’t until we were in the Uber on the way to the ER that I realized just how much pain I was in. Secondly, not being able to type properly, put on makeup, do my hair, write with my right hand, or button my pants has been challenging, to say the least. The real challenge for me though, has been listening to my body and allowing myself to heal.

Five days after breaking everything, I was back at the gym doing an “easy” incline ladder on the treadmill. I then proceeded to go to the gym to do the same workout three days in a row, and on day four, one week exactly after my fall, I decided I was ready to work with my trainer. JK! I was not. We worked on a bunch of machines I’d never tried before, did some rope exercises, some kettlebells, and some squats and walking lunges. It didn’t feel great but I was doing it! It felt good to work my body again. For the following five days, my tailbone (which I’d kind of forgotten about) was in so much pain that I couldn’t bend over to get dressed.

So here I am, two weeks out, and still not okay. All I want to do is workout! This is killing me! I feel bloated and lazy and listless. I don’t know what my day is like without a workout. I can’t stand looking in the mirror and seeing all of my problem areas and knowing that I’m doing nothing about them! I mean sure – I’m walking more and I’m trying to eat healthy and I’m doing what I can and you “have to listen to your body after an injury,” but my God! I can’t handle this! I’m going crazy!

STIK Your Pose - Need We Say More?

I usually try and end my pieces here with some inspiring tidbit and always on a positive note. So here it is: listen to your body. Even if that means staying in on a Friday night to write and pay your bills for month. If you’re injured, be injured! Don’t pretend like you aren’t and run four miles before meeting with your trainer when you have three broken bones! Take a break!


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