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A few months ago I started getting inundated with ads on Facebook and Instagram for personalized hair care. Not only was I getting Facebook ads, but all of the blogs I follow started having sponsored content and articles, then a few of my friends said they had all done it. Function of Beauty was everywhere. Finally, I decided I needed to try it.

Function of Beauty is a company that makes custom shampoo and conditioner to meet your individual hair goals.

You start by building your “hair profile.” You answer questions about your hair type, structure, and how moist your scalp is (I’m sorry for using the word “moist”). Next, you select your hair goals. I have thick, straight hair that is dry and breaks, so I selected deep condition, fix split ends, straighten, thermal protection, and nourish roots. Lastly, you select the color you want your shampoo and conditioner to be, and what scent you’d like. I went with green essential oils and requested strong fragrance. Other options for the scent are cucumber mint, grapefruit hibiscus, and sandalwood violet. Of course, you can select what name to put on the bottle – so it’s truly personal!

As you can imagine with anything personalized, it took a bit of time for it to arrive: about two weeks! By the time it came I was on the last few squeezes of my regular conditioner. It came in such cute packaging! Also, huge bonus! It comes with a separate cap that allows you to push down on it, like a soap dispenser, so you can get every last drop. Or, if you’re travelling for instance, you can keep the regular screw cap on. Even if I don’t re-purchase, I am keeping these bottle forever to keep refilling with whatever shampoo and conditioner I buy next! The package it comes in tells you all about the hair profile you built and what active ingredients are used to help you achieve your goals.

I only wash my hair once a week or so, so I still had to wait a few days to try it even after it arrived! But when I did it was soo worth it. It smelled absolutely incredible and made my hair feel great. It also totally hit all of my hair goals. Jury is about out on strengthening since that will take a while to measure, but I loved how straight my hair was after and how little volume my hair had! I know most people want their hair huge and wavy, but I want my hair straight and flat.


I might not continue to purchase, just because its a bit expensive to buy each time, but this was definitely a fun experiment and I can see it being a great gift idea!  My straight and flat hair post-function of beauty. Again, digging my selfie game.

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