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You’d be forgiven if the mere thought of lifting weights conjures up disturbing images of biceps fit to burst and veins in places you never knew even existed but here’s the scoop ladies… Lifting will turn you into a lithe, lean, fat burning machine without a bulging bicep insight!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the hashtags #trainlikeabeast #looklikeabeauty #strongnotskinny trending on social media and honestly I have to say these are fitness phrases I can get onboard with as I myself am part of the #girlswholift #fitfam #fitspo crowd on Instagram (you can find me hash tagging away @muma_power).

Take it from a girl, who use to put in a gruelling 2 hour cardio session at the gym on a near daily basis, that it was a revelation when after giving birth I found I had no time (or inclination for that matter) to slog it out, at what was now an eye wateringly expensive gym~ maternity pay doesn’t cover the cost of #gymlife by the way~ so I did what any insane and broke new mother would do to get fit…

I plonked my baby on a play mat and bounced around the lounge armed with 2 bottles of champagne ~unopened I hasten to add~ in place of a set of dumbbells, I through on some banging tunes and literally jumped around for 20 minutes until I resembled a beetroot coloured champagne swilling sweaty wino but guess what? After only a few weeks of doing this crazy weighted cardio routine the baby weight started to shed and by the end of the session I wasn’t looking quiet so beet (still sweaty wino though with the champagne bottles) so I decided to invest in some weights so I opted for a set of the cutesy 2.5kg pink variety as they matched the laces in my kicks!

After a couple more weeks of this random workout I sat down and wrote a more structure workout routine which I decided needed to give me the maximum workout in the minimum time~ yeah my newborn wasn’t too into watching my lunge and squat my way around the lounge for any length of time so my routine had to be sassy and snappy.

I put something together and did the 20 minute routine daily and started noticing positive changes including increased cardiovascular levels and a definite increase in strength which drew me to the somewhat upsetting conclusion that my pretty little weights were no longer cutting the mustard so I had to go out and purchase heavier ones, the kind that don’t come in super fun colours #sadtimes ha ha

So now armed with my deadly dull (grey to match the bathroom towels at least) 5kgs I carried on with my trustee routine but this time I was shocked at the rate at which the excess pounds were melting away at!

Soon everyone from my mum to the employees at our local farm shop were asking me what exactly it was that I was doing to get such a transformation and so quickly, then they started asking me to write it down and that’s when I decided to create a full 12 week weight based programme that other time pressed women could do too and so Muma Power was created.

A Model Speaks Her Positive Mind

Being a fitness instructor myself I had always focused on cardio and endurance training- 10k on the treadmill anyone? But now I didn’t have the luxury of time I had to find a new way of challenging myself and I have to say I’ve never felt stronger, fitter or leaner before hitting the weights.

I think there’s still a murky misconception that if girls so much as even look at a set of weights they’ll look like Hulks sister but it couldn’t be further from the truth… Just ask the Vickys Secret girls what the regime consists of and I’ll bet you a protein bar they can deadlift as much as the beefcakes at the gym!

There are also added benefits of throwing some weights into your workout mix too ladies, research shows that 2-3 sessions a week can reduce heart disease, reduce the risk of diabetes, osteoporosis and lifting can also lift your mood as well as leaving you physically stronger and leaner.

So ladies it really isn’t why weight but more like why wait?
Go grab some dumbbells and get into #beastmode

Happy &I Health Vibes



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