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Grip socks are one of the most important accessories for yoga, barre and pilates workouts.  Gone are the days when plain, solid grips were our only choice for class.  Now with a multitude of options on the market, we are able to select the brand, style, or print to best suit our workout needs.  Ro & Arrows is a newly launched grip sock brand for the every day athlete – known for their comfortable toeless design. We had the chance to chat with founder, Colleen Kirtz, to learn how Ro & Arrows first got its start.

What is your background? 

I have fourteen years of experience in manufacturing and ten years of experience in fitness. Ro & Arrows was the ultimate dream of combining these together. I have created products for brands such as Nike, Hurley, Vans, Oakley, The North Face and more. Having the opportunity to create a product for my clients in the fitness industry has been the ultimate reward. When I decided to get certified as a Yoga instructor, it was because I wanted to give back. Ten years later, I am now certified in Yoga, Pilates & Lagree. The fitness and wellness community have given me so much, creating something for them has been a dream come true.

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Why did you decide on starting Ro + Arrows? How did you come up with the name? 

I am passionate about creating products for athletes, it has been the highlight of my career. I heard my Pilate’s clients complaining about the lack of comfort when it comes to grip socks in the market. I knew I wanted to create something better for them. Busy moms, bad ass career women, and studio athlete enthusiast, deserve to have a Pilates & Barre sock that is effortless to slip on, and still provided function and fashion.

When choosing a name there was no doubt I wanted to incorporate my son, Rowan’s name. He has been a guiding force and always provides me with sense of direction. The arrow is a symbol of how his presence in my life guides me.

What is the importance of grip socks in your opinion? And what benefits can be derived from the toeless style

The importance of a grip sock is helping to provide stability and zero distractions in a studio environment. When I am practicing yoga, I want to be fully centered and wearing our socks provides me with the grip and stability I need to find that in my practice.

We have athletes who use our socks to lift, practice yoga, Pilates and barre. The last thing you want during a studio work out is distractions. With a toeless sock you have the extra dexterity and grip from your toes.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs? 

Most of my inspiration comes from nature. I have always been really involved in the outdoors. Mother nature always provides the most inspiring colors and designs. I am also lucky enough to have some of the top designers in the industry to work with on my visions.

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What has been the largest challenge(s) you’ve faced in creating your brand thus far? 

The biggest challenge was figuring out how to pivot and persevere the launch of a brand in 2020. Most studios and retailers closed, so we began to pivot and create a larger online presence. You will find if you push past some of your biggest challenges, your biggest rewards are on the other side.

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