I Got a Personal Trainer!

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After 12 weeks of religiously following Kayla Itsines’ BBG plan, a major life event forced me to give up my routine for a few weeks. For three months and nine pounds, I had been doing Kayla’s workouts three days a week, sometimes doing an additional challenge, and doing cardio three to four times a week. I. Never. Missed. A. Day. Then, all of the sudden, my routine was broken. My obsession was broken. After a couple of weeks went by and I was ready to get back into my daily exercise routine, I found I was totally unable to get back it. I tried for about two weeks to regain the motivation I had before, but my daily schedule just no longer worked.

In order to reset my weekly exercise goals, I decided to get a personal trainer. Luckily, a friend of mine just happened to be a personal trainer and he just happened to offer me a great deal. For six weeks now, I have been meeting him at my house at 7 AM, two or three days a week, for an hour session. When we work out together, we tend to do about three circuit workouts, with three to six exercises in each, and we go through each circuit three or four times. We’re doing a variety of arm, leg, and ab exercises, but every day we do pushups, squats, and flute bridges.

With this new routine that I’m forming, I find that I am more able to incorporate additional exercise than when I was still trying to get back into BBG. I am almost at the point that I am consistently working out five or six days a week again. Mornings that I meet with my trainer, I’m almost always motivated to go for a run at lunch or after work. I’ve been attending more yoga and PiYo classes because I have the additional time and motivation to try other kinds of exercise.

While I’m still doing far less total exercise than I was when I was on my BBG routine, this is working right now. I’ve had a major life change, and I am just not able to get completely back into the routine that I previously had. While I saw amazing results with BBG fairly quickly, and I was totally addicted to it, I think it is going to take me some time before I can go back to a place where I can commit to Kayla’s plan. I have made enormous strides in the time that I’ve had with a trainer. At first, I could do no more than four pushups, with my chest going all the way to the ground, in a row. Today, I’m up to 20! For now, this is the motivation I need to get me back to my sweaty comfort zone.

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