How I Got Hooked on Barre

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By Tizzy Brown, Barretender at Pure Barre DC

A few months ago I was trying my best to find a workout I could afford on my very limited graduate student budget. While going for a run is free, I needed to supplement that monotonous cardio workout with something that would target muscles I don’t hit while jogging. Have you tried running in DC in the summer? Its tough to get motivated at 8 a.m. when it’s already 90 degrees with 80% humidity. I had a cheap gym membership, but it became clear it was cheap for a reason. Cue the ClassPass two-week free trial!

I’d been contemplating ClassPass for a while, but even at just $99 a month I was having a hard time committing to it. What if it wasn’t worth it ? (It is.) What if I became addicted to everything I tried and impulsively signed up for a dozen new gym memberships? (That very nearly happened.) When they introduced the two-week free trial, I decided to make my move and to make the most of those two weeks. My semester had just ended and I had some time before summer classes began so I decided to take class at a new studio every day for two weeks. I challenged myself on Instagram with #14DaysOfFitness and committed to trying as many different kinds of classes as possible.

I took spin, yoga, pilates, boot camp, Zumba, cross fit, and TRX classes, but nothing compared to my experience at barre. I began my 14 day challenge at Pure Barre DC, and proceeded to try 5 more barre studios in the DC area. When I went to post about my “lift. tone. burn.” experience, I saw that Pure Barre was hiring. The rest is history. I began work 6 days later and haven’t taken two days off in a row since.

There’s a reason people can’t stop talking about barre. Those phrases we put on our tees and tanks, “I can’t. I have barre.” and “See You at the Barre,” those don’t come out of nowhere. I find myself saying those words on a daily basis. Barre has taught me that I can make my body and wellness and priority without sacrificing my life. I look forward to the barre every day. I wake up at 4:45 3 days a week so that I can get my barre on before sitting in front of a computer for 9 hours. If I miss a day, I don’t just miss my daily lift. tone. burn., I also miss seeing the women that I’ve gotten to know so well.

Barre studios are quickly sprouting up all over the country. From gyms that teach classes here and there to studios entirely devoted to barre, it is clear what’s the new trend in women’s fitness. In just 6 years Pure Barre, my home away from home, has gone from a small business based out of Michigan to a franchise with over 200 locations. The reason people love it is pretty clear: the workout and the people!

High on Life

For years I did the same motions over and over again to get those washboard abs and that perfectly round butt; but a thousand crunches and a thousand squats just won’t give you the results you get after just a couple of weeks at the barre. Those advertisements don’t lie! This summer I’ve watched my body transform each week. While I’ve always worked out, I’ve never seen the kind of tone in my muscles I am seeing right now. My friend even started hash tagging #TizzysTriceps in all of our pictures, because suddenly my muscles are visible! I feel strong. I feel sexy. I feel beautiful. I feel unstoppable.

Seeing results in the mirror is one thing, but every day I am excited to see the amazing women I work with and workout with. The group of women I’ve gotten to know are an impressive bunch. Sure we have powerful politicos and self-made business women — this is DC, but we also have new moms who are taking the time out of their day to do something for themselves. We have women who have committed to Pure Barre and lost 50 pounds in the process. We have women who have used the barre to bring them back from illness and injury. And we have women who, like me, need something that is just for themselves. The women I meet inspire me every day to work hard and to love my life. And really, if you’re going to commit to doing something every day, you should enjoy it.

If you haven’t tried barre yet, take my advice: go to a class! Then, after your shaking muscles have recovered, go to another. And another. You’ll be happy you did!




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