Is Your Almond Milk Choice Healthy? Probably Not.

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The idea for Rawmond Milk began after I graduated from CSULB with an international business degree. It all started because I wasn’t able to consume milk, but wanted a nutritious AND healthy alternative. Because I had been battling multiple health issues, I wanted something that would truly do my body good.

I tried every brand of almond milk, cashew milk, hemp milk, you name it, I tried it. I was determined to find something that I not only liked, but that didn’t contain unnecessary ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. After all my searching I was shocked that there was not even one that was pure. I was further shocked that all of them tasted like cardboard and/or plastic (probably from sitting in their containers for prolonged amounts of time). This is when I started my research into how to make almond milk.

I learned so much almonds as well as seeds and grains (fun fact: almonds are actually a seed). I learned that almond milk in its pure form is not meant to last more than a week (so how were all the ones on shelves good for months at a time?) . I also learned that sprouting nuts, seeds, and grains is the only way to actually get any nutritional benefit from consuming them. With all this new information I decided I was going to make my own almond milk. Not only did it taste amazing, but I knew every single thing that I put into it. I didn’t have to worry about any extra ingredients being thrown in there in inconspicuous places to deter me from knowing what exactly I was putting into my body.

After months of making almond milk for myself, and still not being able to find a job doing something I could put all my heart into, I decided to try to sell my almond milk in local farmers markets. I grew up in a nutritionally conscious home and have always been passionate about good healthy food. I am a firm believer that a healthy diet can save a life. I thought that this would be a way for me to not only do what I was passionate about but also spread the word on health, reading labels, and being an all around conscious shopper. After some brain storming with my boyfriend, Bradley Reitler, we decided that we were going to take this on. We both had little knowledge of what it would take to run a business, so we began researching; and Rawmond Milk was born.

(L) Susan, Founder of simplyWORKOUT & (R) Roxanne, Founder of Rawmond

We have a mission to make a difference in peoples lives. We want to encourage people to turn every product they buy around and read the labels. We want them to know how easy it is to make small changes every day and how those small changes can end up having a big impact over time. We love interacting with our customers, telling them what the differences are in our almond milks versus the ones on shelves today, and encouraging them to try to make their own. We use the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on to ensure that our customers get the most out of every bottle they purchase. We hand make, label and bottle our product all ourselves so we can guarantee that nothing goes into a bottle that we wouldn’t personally put into our own bodies. We have a quote that we put on every bottle that says, “to make a difference, do things differently” and this is what we strive to do as a company every day.

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