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A few years before I ever heard the term self care, I decided that it was worth it to me to spend a few extra dollars each month on treating myself. It started with the decision to get regular manicures then, a few groups later, I added eyebrow threading and semi-regular massages to the rotation. And let me just say that it is totally worth it. It is a lot of money, more than I really should spend. But hey, I have a good job and no dependents (unless you count my cat), so an extra $70-$100 each month is okay for me.

Despite what my friends may think, when it comes down to it, I really am an introvert. I need time to myself to recharge. I crave time spent alone. So, while of course I’m not alone when I go to a crowded salon to get my nails done, it is nice to sit quietly and be pampered. I like to do this without a companion. It’s my me time.

I’ve also noticed that what used to be a luxury, has become quite commonplace. I remember reading magazines when I was in high school with pictures of celebrities getting manicures and commenting on the superfluous nature of spending money on something so unnecessary. Now however, I think having manicured hands has become part of the uniform for polished, professional women. A few months ago I was in LA for a conference, and I was mortified that I was walking into these meetings without polished fingers. Oh how the times have changed.

Yesterday I decided to ring in the new year with a hot stone massage. I’ve only had a couple of these because they are a bit pricier than a regular Thai or Swedish massage, but I had gift certificates, so why not? If you ever have the opportunity for a hot stone massage, get one! They are absolutely incredible. Therapists who do hot stone massages generally use smooth, flat, heated basalt stones to increase their ability to work deeply into your muscles. The stones are heated in water, then your body heat helps them retain their temperature through the massage. Anyone who works out a lot know that your muscles take a beating, hot stone massages work to counteract the work you put your body through. Additionally, throughout the massage, most therapists will leave larger stones on certain pressure points, so while he or she may be work on a limb, your back will still be receiving attention from the stone left there.

I am not that into New Years Resolutions, so I’ll just say that this whole self care thing… there’s really something to it.

Happy New Year!

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