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Want to meet the latest addition to our grip sock lineup? Lucky Honey is the definition of where style meets function.   Think gorgeous ballet-slipper inspired grip socks that offer support and impeccable non-slip stability during your most challenging workouts.  Let’s get the full story from Co-Founder, Jennifer Murdock, on how the up-and-coming brand got its start.

We love your line of grip socks! How did Lucky Honey come to be?

As a pilates instructor and Fit model in NYC, I saw the need for a more stylish grippy sock. I loved the function of the traditional grip sock, but felt it was missing a fashionable edge that so many women look for in their fitness apparel. Being a city girl, I wanted to be able to head from pilates to brunch without too much fuss. I partnered with my sister Bethany, who has a background in Ballet fashion, and from there the Honey Sock was born! The name is in homage to our grandmothers: Elizabeth Luckey Whittelsey and Valerie Honey Renick. We spent over a year pouring over designs, styles, and textiles to make sure that it would be the perfect blend of fashion and function and finally launched in December 2016. It has been less than a year and we’ve already grown our line to include three styles and have many more in the works! When you look good, you feel good; when you feel good, you work harder. We feel like we can take on the world when we lace up our Lucky Honey socks!

Being founded in NY, can you give us a sense of what boutique fitness fashion in the city scene looks like?

Living in New York means that we’re always multi-tasking, and how we dress is no exception. As Lucky Honey has grown, we’ve realized it’s not just a New York thing… women everywhere are looking for ways to make the most out of their time. Athleisure wear is no longer just for the studio, it’s also for the streets! Lucky Honey is an extension of this new, more convenient culture. We see lots of NY women with matching leggings and cropped sports tops paired with a leather jacket and sleek sneaks or booties that makes their workout gear turn into an all day outfit.

Why should girls wear grips during their workouts?

Simply put, grips socks during workouts is such a nice alternative to being barefoot without skipping on the functionality. It was so important to us to have full grip coating from toe to heel to keep your stance protected. Its also more hygienic for shared mats in group fitness classes, and adds a super cute accessory to our usually all black workout outfits. Grip socks can be worn in place of gym shoes too! We love wearing our socks in all studio classes, even in boxing, and it keeps our gym bag extra light!

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What are your favorite ways to style the sporty Boyfriend and sweet Honey sock styles?

We love pairing our Boyfriend socks, the newest addition to the Lucky Honey collection, with a pair of Converse to head to the studio! It makes us feel strong and ready to rock any of our favorite classes. Our Honey sock is so popular because it gives an effortless ballet style to even our most basic workout outfits! Pairing our pink styles with an all black outfit is such a chic look and makes us want to train like a bad-ass ballerina. The Honey Sock is also our favorite new shoe accessory and turns any flat into an on-trend ballet style. We purposely design all our styles with a neutral and classic color pallet to match all the fun leggings that are out on the market.



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