It’s Not Vodka Water!

Angie Omata

Co-Founder / Creative Director at simplyWORKOUT
Angie Omata
Sleek water bottles that keep your water ice cold for hours, all with a touch of humor and charity involvement? Yes, please!  We were recently introduced to the founder, party starter and CEO of Not Vodka Water, Andrew Varela, and were able to get the inside scoop on the brand behind the bottle.

How did Not Vodka Water get its start?

It was a sunny day (because, duh, it was Arizona), when Andrew Varela met with the team of his yoga/spin studio, The Madison Improvement Club, to discuss a new label for their water bottles when he joked, “Let’s print ‘Not Vodka’ on the labels, cuz, who knows? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t!”  Everyone laughed and then sh*t got serious.  Wait…That’s actually a Really. Good. Idea!!!  The rest is history that we hope your kid’s kids will read about in their school books someday…

We love the look and feel of the bottles, what makes the design different?

We love that you love them and we’re not surprised.  Wearing glasses and pocket protectors, we seriously studied the water bottle market to find out your favorite styles, sizes, colors and features and then designed our bottles to be the best.  In addition to their clean, classy look our bottles have a copper inline which will keep your drink cold for 30+ hours and hot for 16+ hours. Interested in seeing some new designs?  Perfect timing.  They’re in production now and will be (bow)-wowing  the crowds soon!

You give a certain portion of proceeds to charity, who are a couple of organizations you currently work with, and why?

Along with the meetings where we laugh so hard nothing gets done, charity involvement is a spectacular part of the company.  We are lucky to work with a couple AAAAAMAZING charities to which we not only give $1 from every bottle sold, but also participate with hands-on to help solve the global water crisis.  We collaborate with The Thirst Project and Code Red.  The Thirst Project is the largest youth water organization in the world.  They visit schools to share about the global water crisis which motivates students to start campaigns at their schools.  They have also committed to getting clean water for Swaziland in Africa by 2022 and we will help make this happen.  Code Red is a local organization in Phoenix.  During 100+ degree I-can’t-see-thru-the-sweat-running-down-my-face heat, Code Red hits the streets to give water to those in need. Imagine you’re in hell and then an angel brings you a bottle of water.  Yeah, it’s like that.  We love these charities and are honored to work with them. 

Why is hydration so important?

We’ve switched from glasses and pocket protectors to board shorts and snap backs, which makes this question far too technical for us to answer.  But Google is there for you if you really need a detailed answer to this question.  What we can say is that hydration is muy importante (that may be the tequila talking?!) and that carrying around a Not Vodka water bottle will inspire you to drink more water.  We cyber swear.

The Truth Behind Barre


What’s the story behind #NotNormal?

NotNormal is a campaign we started to highlight part of our mission statement: Inspire Individuality.  What really makes unique “unique” is U.  No, like, literally.  Without the “u” it would be nique which sounds cool, but isn’t even a word.  Anyway, what also makes unique “unique” is YOU and we are thrilled when we see you strutting your unique style.  Not Inhibited.  Not Shy.  And not freakin’ scared to wear a shirt that tells the world you are Not Normal.  


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