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It’s all about the details, baby. That’s why we love the new barre sock line by Barre Girl. Adorable, ballet-inspired grip socks with criss cross straps, and demure ruffles will help you channel your best inner dancer.  We had the chance to chat with Barre Girl Founder and CEO, Mary Bier, to get the latest scoop on her line, her love for barre, and the upcoming trends we can look forward to.

How did Barre Girl get its start?

I have a passion for barre and everything barre. The idea to start Barre Girl came from being frustrated with the grip sock options available in the market. It seemed like there should be “more” than just a variety of crew socks — more styles, more colors, more fabrics.  When I put on my socks, I wanted them to inspire me to work out. I also value variety and choice, and I didn’t like the choices or variety in the market at the time.

For example, I would spend $100 on a pair of great leggings for my barre class, but the only grip sock option for me to choose from was a pair of basic crews. How uninspiring was that?

It just seemed like there should be quality, stylish socks that complemented the rest of my studio style.

I started Barre Girl to bring style, quality and choice to barre girls everywhere. Women want to feel stylish and put-together, and they shouldn’t have to sacrifice these things during their studio fitness classes. My hope is to provide customers with variety so they can pick and choose the styles and colors of grippy socks that inspire them to work hard, achieve their workout goals, and live a fabulous life.

Why do you barre?

When I started doing barre, I was attracted to a few things specifically: the beautiful, spa-like space of the studio, the challenge of the actual exercise, the camaraderie of my barre mates and the ability to “feel pretty” while working out.

I have always enjoyed various athletic sports, and working out usually meant high intensity with lots of sweat. And although there is a place for those types of workouts, there is something refreshing about being able to wear your dangly earrings, stacked bracelets, and lip gloss while working out and feeling the “barre burn”.

I barre because it makes me feel challenged and accomplished. I “chase the shake”, and try to get as quivery as possible in each and every class.

I barre because it’s a time during the day set aside just for me and my health (both physical and mental).

I barre because it’s inspiring to see women (and sometimes men, too!) challenge themselves and improve during each and every class. It motivates me to sink lower, hold it longer, and shake a little harder.

What are the benefits of wearing grip socks during exercise?

Being able to hold plank without slipping, or worrying about your feet sliding out while in wide second position, means you can focus your energy on the actual exercise and not on the security of your foot placement. (You know those times in class when you mentally tell yourself, “Feet, stop slipping!”)

How I Got Hooked on Barre

Barre class takes a lot of mental energy, and staying focused while in the movement helps you reap the benefits more effectively and efficiently. Treat yourself to a pair of good grip socks that keep your feet secure and you’ll be able to focus more on the move and less on slippage. #gripsocksFTW

What are your favorite ways to style up your socks?

It depends on the season, for sure! During the warmer months, I like pairing our airier styles with complementary leggings in lighter fabrics that breathe really well. In the winter, I’m frequently found wearing leg warmers over my leggings and grippy socks, both for style and out of sheer necessity to stay warm.

Also, as a mom of little kids, you’ll find me wearing my grip socks around the house with my everyday outfits just so I don’t slip on the hardwood floors! The kiddos are fast, but when I’m in my grip socks I am faster.  😉

Any Spring or Summer trends you’re looking forward to?

There are so many! Mostly I’m looking forward to all the colors seen on the runways, particularly the pinks, and the geometric prints. I’m also excited about jumpsuits and their versatility in styling. (Think less decision-making in the morning!)

Fashion and style are cyclical, and we foresee a shift in these two things over the next year or so. We anticipate that style will take cues and inspiration from the 90s and early 00s with bold or youthful colors and materials, and we look forward to exploring fun, upbeat colorways in our upcoming product designs.

Special thanks to Mary Bier, Founder and CEO of Barre Girl

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