Q&A with Melissa Pain, Founder of Move Active

Angie Omata

Co-Founder / Creative Director at simplyWORKOUT
Angie Omata

If you’re a fellow barre or pilates girl, you should be familiar with the importance of having quality, not-to-mention stylish grip socks, to elevate your practice. Added traction and support while on releve, waterski, or while holding plank on a reformer machine can make or break your workout. We fell in love with Move Active – all the way from Australia – as soon as we caught a glimpse of their black cheetah and camo print socks. We just can’t deny a good functionality meets style moment, and Move Active is definitely sitting pretty at that intersection. We recently had the chance to chat with the lovely founder of Move Active, Melissa Pain.

How did Move Active come about?

My Husband is a physiotherapist/Pilates instructor and about 11 years ago opened his own practice. I left my job to work with him (mostly so we could actually see each other) and I really loved the challenge of building a business. I was the practice manager of his business and always loved the retail aspect. This is mainly due to the fact that I am such a ‘consumer’, always looking for something to purchase wherever I am! I have always been a fitness fanatic and loved it when my hubby introduced me to Pilates. I then started to going to other studios to compare services and for the first time stumbled across Non Slips. I was so excited and purchased some straight away. They were PINK. After that I wanted to sell them in our practice and realised
that in Australia, pink was the most outrageous pair of non slips I could find. So a few months later when I went on maternity leave with our second child, I started designing and sourcing samples of my own non slips, and the ball started rolling from there.

What benefits are there to wearing grip socks in workouts like barre, Pilates and yoga?

Having my ‘Studio Manager hat’ on, I really appreciated the safety and hygiene aspect of wearing non slips in group apparatus environments – where everyone is sharing equipment. As a studio manager and knowing my clients so well, they were always happy to give feedback, and a common comment we would get about our classes was other members wearing either no socks or worse… stinky socks.

Also, as a studio manager hearing the clients slip on the equipment such as the reformer always sent shivers down my spine…have they hurt themselves? Did they break the reformer? etc. Having some grip on the soles really makes a difference. As a consumer I see the other benefits, slipping less, feeling more confident on the equipment, getting to match my socks with my workout get up, cover up my sweaty, un-manicured toe nails…WIN WIN.

Grip has become increasingly popular with Yoga also. I personally find it extremely important in yoga if it’s slightly hot in the room and my feet get slippery. I find the toe socks are great for this, for me it’s important to be able to put equal weight on each toe and the toe socks allow individual movement without slipping. We have some really amazing yogis from all over the world that wear our non slips for their daily practice, especially while practicing complicated poses. And we absolutely LOVE it when they share it on their Instagram page.white leopard

Interview with DYI

Given your Pilates background, what is it about that workout that keeps you going?

My background stems from my husband. He has been an advocate for Pilates since 2002 and that is when he first introduced me to it. I was his little guinea pig…try this, do this…I loved it. Over the years his passion for Pilates spilled into our studio. I have always practiced Pilates, admittedly it did become a lot less achievable while our kids were young. Now (this year) they are both in school and it’s awesome to be able to get back into it (in my spare time). I also LOVE hot yoga and recently became extremely passionate about Barre and found it so complimentary to my marathon training through the last year.

Being from Australia, wondering what the biggest fitness (or fitness fashion) trends are over there?

Like the US, Barre is huge, Hot Yoga is Huge, Hot Reformer Pilates is getting out there (personally haven’t tried this one yet but soo want too!) And Pilates is here to stay!

What are three things you don’t leave the house without?

If it’s before 9am…COFFEE. I’m from Melbourne and have tried to give it up so many times, but it’s in my blood… 2. My Laptop/phone – I’ve become accustomed to work anywhere and everywhere…and the reason for this is the 3rd thing I usually can’t leave the house without…my two kids, Cleo (8) and Knox (6). I usually have to drop them off somewhere, school, sport or after school activities. It’s a crazy life and I love it! And to add an extra…No. 4, Water. Food. Water. xx


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