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Angie Omata

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Angie Omata

With nearly 17k followers on instagram and at the helm of a successful blog, Christina Valenziano (@theblissfulbalance) is known for her vibrant photos of her crave-worthy food creations and her candid personal stories on how she’s been able to find balance in different arenas of her life.  Christina quickly became an inspiration to many as she shared how she overcame Orthorexia to find self-acceptance and a sustainable happy & healthful lifestyle.  We had the chance to get the inside scoop from Christina herself about her blogging start, her views on healthy eating, and her fave recipe for Summer. 

What is your background and how did you come to start your blog and social media presence?

In college I studied something hardly related to what I do presently: I majored in Sport Management and minored in Business Administration. But, it actually was in college that I began this journey. I started off in a marketing internship. I was mainly doing social media (for the first time ever, besides personal use), and general marketing strategy. Long story short, I was constantly giving the blog team ideas for articles, and finally decided to take the plunge and write an article for the company on my own. It happened to be an article about orthorexia, since I had struggled with that battle first-hand. Being that it was a company centered on health and wellness, this topic fit with the audience. And the response I received blew me away (in a good way). I received several messages from people, telling me that I’d inspired them, that they had struggled with the same thing, and thanking me for sharing my story. It was then that I decided to start my own blog. I wanted to inspire others the way I had with that article. Plus, I’d already been sharing meals on my personal Instagram, and have enjoyed writing and creativity since I was a little girl. I was so used to writing for school, about topics I wasn’t necessarily passionate about, so blogging allowed me to write what I wanted, get lost in the process, and really share the things I was passionate about, like cooking and photography.

We love all of the gorgeous photos of your recipes you share on instagram.  How do you find your inspiration to create new recipes?

This is always a tough question for me because a lot of times I just think of combinations that I think would be good together, and then figure out how I can make it happen. When I’m not feeling totally inspired, however, taking to Pinterest or foodgawker is helps rejuvenate my creative juices. I search for meal ideas and figure out how I can make them totally my own, putting my own spin on it.

What is your philosophy on balanced eating – especially with all that you have on your plate (literally).

Over the past few years I have sort of developed this “who the hell cares” attitude. I’m not going to act like sometimes I’m not thrilled with how I look, but I always try to remember “who the hell cares” that my thighs touch or that my stomach has rolls when I sit? As long as I feel good, that’s what I try to focus on. Of course, indulgent food doesn’t always make ya feel great, so that’s where moderation comes in. But I have such a love for food, why not enjoy it? Life’s too short not to.

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As a self proclaimed fitness fanatic, we want to know what your favorite workouts are?

I love doing a combination of running outside and group fitness. As far as group fitness goes, my top three are spin, barre, and boxing!


What have been the biggest challenges in your fitness journey thus far?

A challenge that comes to mind is when I had to take a couple months off of exercise after I had gallbladder surgery. This was challenging because as a ‘fitness fanatic’, it can be difficult to sit still, you know? It’s hard to just let go. And then, on the flip side, it was challenging to get back into it. Two months felt like an eternity, so getting back into my routine, I felt like I’d never exercised before. This was more mentally challenging than anything – letting go at first, and then wanting to jump right back to where I’d left off, and getting frustrated when I couldn’t.

What’s your favorite recipe for summer?

Still obsessed with these bowls. So much flavor packed into one recipe, you guys have got to try it! ChickenMojo

Check out Christina on Instagram (@theblissfulbalance) and on her blog!

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