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We love the tee brand, Move & Moxie, founded by Bar Method studio owner Alysia Moskolis.  Adorable, colorful tees featuring barre-centric slogans are their bread and butter, and we can see why barre girls are swooning.  Here is the story behind how the brand got its start.

How did you come up with the name Move & Moxie?

I love inspiring movement whether it be our bodies or our mindsets and the word move or movement was important to me. I didn’t want the brand to be serious and loved the word moxie and the balance that it brings. Moxie means energy, pep or to do with determination and these are all things that drive what I’m doing and so Move & Moxie was born.

What’s the Move & Moxie girl about?

The move & moxie girl is powerful, happy and confident. She’s determined to choose happiness, radiates positivity and make the most of every day.

Why did you decide to focus on a barre apparel business?

Move & Moxie happened by accident! My background is in fashion buying and merchandising and while working a fast paced fashion career I discovered barre and became addicted, later auditioned, trained and taught classes at 6AM before work and taught every weekend. I did this for years and discovered that my passion had shifted into teaching and I opened my own barre studio. After 2 years of building a successful studio I started dabbling back into my fashion background. I designed and printed tanks for my studio and soon everyone wanted them so organically Move & Moxie became a business and is now sold in major barre chains, private studios and online!

What is it about barre that keeps you going back?

I take a Barre class EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. which is completely unnecessary btw but for me I do it like its my job! I always have, it’s 1 hour a day that I take to disconnect, move my body, stretch & sculpt. The lengthening stretches in between the hard work is what I crave and I feel balanced and happy when I leave.

What is the latest fall trends you are looking forward to rocking the most?

If I could make a velvet barre top, I would haha! I’m so happy velvet is back this year and in a bigger way than last year. I live for bell sleeved tops, the bigger the better and can’t wait to wear my new kitten heel white booties. Also, love the denim trends. Almost anything goes from skinny to flared and I just took my favorite old pair, gave them an uneven hem and frayed the heck out of them. Should I stop now, lol.



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  1. Kande says:

    Move and Moxie is so fresh, and Alysia’s story is inspiring. Thanks for sharing this, and sending positive vibes for women everywhere!


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