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Reading an article on a lifestyle blog telling you to get rid of the negativity in your life is about as cliché as it gets.

I am not going to tell you to get rid of the negativity in your life.

Because I actually thrive on negative energy.

When do I get my best workouts?  WHEN I’M ANGRY AND TAKING IT OUT ON THE BIKE!

And….I’m definitely funniest when I’m on a pessimism-fueled rant.

Yesterday I went to work wearing a black and white polka dot A-line mini skirt, a white chiffon t-shirt, and black pointed ballet flats. On paper and in my head, I was into my outfit, but every time I went to the bathroom and looked at my stupid skirt in the mirror I had an overwhelming urge to rip if off and throw it in the trash can. At quitting time, I went to go change into my barre clothes, and then threw my skirt in the trash can.

I know this was a bit rash. I should have donated that skirt or dropped it off at a consignment shop. But I honestly could not stand to bring it home and let myself consider wearing it again or hesitate about getting rid of it.

I hated that skirt.

I know a lot of people who hoard clothes because they might wear those polka dots again sometime in the unknown future, but I don’t wait for the unknown future. If I don’t love something and feel fantastic about myself while I’m wearing it, I just get rid of it. Even something simple like a plain t-shirt -if it doesn’t fit me like a glove and bring me pure joy, I don’t want it in my life or in my closet.

In the last few years a lot of people have been talking about Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Kondo is a Japanese lifestyle and de-clutter guru, who’s method teaches us to gather everything we own, one category at a time, and keeping only items that “spark joy.” I admit that I keep every shade of eye shadow that I acquire even though my eye makeup routine consists of just black liquid eyeliner and mascara, but when it comes to my closet I am entirely on board with Kondo.

What’s the point of not feeling great in what you’re wearing? If I could live in my black Lululemon leggings and white Alo tops I would, because I love these items and I love the way I feel in them. These items spark joy in my life. When something ceases to make me feel great about myself, I get rid of it. Next time you read the 100th blog post telling you to get rid of something you haven’t worn in a year, pause and ask yourself if that item brings you happiness. If it does, by all means keep it.  But if the black and white A-line polka dot skirt you wore to work today doesn’t, GET RID OF IT!

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